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Based on science. Grounded in research. Applied through practice.


Are you struggling with issues of productivity?

We are passionate about helping individuals, businesses, industries and communities -- from the playground to the boardroom -- develop sustainable skills to be resilient, productive and well functioning contributors to work and life. 

We collaborate with governments, educators and industry to identify pain points, skill shortages and factors affecting productivity to ensure solutions are well considered, clear, concise and customisable.

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Yoga Class


Increase focus. Reduce anxiety. Improve productivity.

We offer corporate and community workshops in Mindfulness Meditation based on a model born at Google and created by world leading neuroscientists, meditators and psychologists that has been linked to increased productivity at gobal organisations like SAP and Salesforce. The tools are practical, portable and easily applied in the workplace or at home.


Building skills for the 20th century.

Productivity is becoming increasingly challenging due to the new "attention economy" where our focus and concentration has literally become a commodity. We provide workshops looking at the connection between neuroscience and the development of emotional intelligence skills (problem solving, creativity, reflection, to name a few) to help staff (or students) be more effective. These skills are frequently identified as being "in demand" by industry and are sometimes referred to as "employability skills" or "skills for the 21st century".

Giving a Speech
Crowd Gathering


Inspiration. Motivation. Leadership.

We develop customised, authentic, funny and inspirational presentations to motivate others to embed simple mindful practices into their daily lives, based on the lastest research from leading institutions like the World Health Organsation (WHO), Harvard Business Review (HBR) and Productivity Commission. Talks include audiences experiencing some of the easy mindfulness  tools that can be applied to the classroom, workplace or home.


Clear insights. No jargon.

We have worked with clients like EY, Productivity Commission & Industry Skills Advisory Council NT using applied research methods to develop easy to understand, clear insights and reports to inform governments, educational institutions, and industries on issues affecting their capacity.

Common challenges include skills shortages, population instability and boom and bust economies, to name a few. We scope existing research, develop surveys, conduct interviews, or facilitate stakeholder workshops to provide granularity to insights, identifying themes and trigger points. Stakeholders use the information as springboard to engaging new solutions and long term planning.

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Mindful Territory has been created by Gail Power, a researcher, writer and consultant. Gail is passionate and curious about what helps us become well functioning individuals, businesses and communities -- as well as what trips us up in life.
After 20 years working with diverse clients -- from large global organisations to boutique businesses, universities to vocational education and training organisations -- Gail noticed a trend.
Whether working with pre-school teachers, trades people, or CEO's of global companies, all were saying the same thing -- there was a lack of emotional intelligence skills and increased early onset of anxiety and burnout creating barriers to productivity.
Identifying the success of Google's own internal Mindful Meditation course to address such issues, Gail trained in their approach, with lecturers like Jon Kabatt Zinn (considered the godfather of mindfulness) Dan Siegel, Director UCLA Mindsight Insitute, and Daniel Goldman, NY Times Bestseller of the book, Emotional Intelligence - and why it may matter more than IQ.
Gail has been an internationally certified Kundalini Yoga/Meditation teacher for over 15 years and has trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).
Known for her petite size but big laugh and fun sense of humour, Gail was born in the USA, but has resided in Australia for the past 20 years, living in Sydney as well as remote Australia. She currently live in Darwin, Northern Territory but travels the world to share her passion and frankness about her failures and successes when dealing with anxiety and emotional regulation, in hopes of helping others to feel less alone in their own challenges and provide hope and a path forward.


Gail conducted two sessions for our International Women's Day Conference in March 2018. She not only provided the group with theoretical background to mindful practices but also implemented interactive components to involve everyone with effective techniques. Those involved were able to walk away with practical skills which are easy to implement into everyday routine. As organiser of the conference, I had many participants wanting to onward book Gail to attend their workplace and implement her wellbeing techniques as a way of developing staff both professionally and personally.

L. Lenzo, NT Unions


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The ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.

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